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Management and supply of plants

BARNAPLANT, SL, is an organisation that was
founded in 1988 to prepare and supply
all typesof ornamental plants, thereby
meeting the needs of an ever more complex
and demanding market.

This segment of clients (among which we
can find construction companies, councils, landscaping firms, garden centres, wholesalers
and gardening companies), faced with the
impossibility of travelling to a nursery to see
andpurchase plants, whether because of
the distance or because of the complexity
of thedemand itself, find that in BARNAPLANT
theycan count on a company that provides
them with TOTAL SERVICE.

An integrated service for professionals in the world
of ornamental plants.

At BARNAPLANT, the location, purchase and supply of a wide variety of plants is handled; from palmaceas, trees, bushes, perennials, cacti, herbs, flowering plants and aquatic plants,
at the same time as bringing together the commercial
management of various nurseries in the district of Maresme
and of trees and bushes from the province of Girona.
Quality, customer service and the widest range of products.

Caracter Grafico
Carrer Riera d'Argentona, 9 (Can Mas Vidal) - 08349 Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) - Tel: +34-93 754 11 00 - Fax: +34-93 759 86 21
mail barnaplant

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