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Barnaplant, SL ,
quality, service and professionalism

In BARNAPLANT, SL work fulfill the needs
of our customers offering high quality products
and a professional and effective service.
Our goal is to make all operations with our
clients, our conditions of sale are a tool to
inform our clients of the correct procedures
to take into account.

1-When placing an order, we ask the client
to clearly indicate:
complete firm’s name, address, telephone, postcode, N.I.F. (fiscal identity no.), bank and checking account number.
The client should specifically indicate the destination
of the goods, a contact person, and telephone number.

2-The transport expenses will be taken care of by the buyer.

3-The seller will deliver the goods within the specified date
on the order but will not be held responsible for the delays due to beyond his/her control. All of the shipments
will be made by appropriate means, always looking out
for the interest of the client and the good of the merchandise; except for those cases in which
the client has given specific orders.
General conditions of sale
4-The prices are calculated plus transport expenses
in our nursery. The indicated prices are net and the VAT will be charged separately in the bill.

5-The form of payment will be the habitual for
classifiedclients. For new clients, the transactions will be made in cash while waiting for their classification.
Once received, the conditions will be revised.

6-Claims will be dealt with during the first five
days after delivery.

If there are lawsuits, they will be submitted to the courts
of Mataró.

Offer subject to availability and/or variation of prices.
mail barnaplant
Carrer Riera d'Argentona, 9 (Can Mas Vidal) - 08349 Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) - Tel: +34-93 754 11 00 - Fax: +34-93 759 86 21
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